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From seeding to marketing, we provide you with proven knowledge and economic know-how.

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We support you as farmers and hemp entrepreneurs with knowledge directly from the field and from processing!

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Hemp: lost knowledge and modern technology

Hemp has accompanied mankind for more than 6,000 years as a versatile useful plant. The general prohibition of cannabis also made hemp inaccessible as a raw material. Much knowledge has been lost and needs to be researched anew.

Through cooperation with established entrepreneurs, research institutes and developers, we can offer you these valuable treasures of knowledge in a bundled form. The combination of old knowledge and innovative technologies makes hemp more up-to-date and versatile than ever.

  • Faster to success through proven knowledge
  • Know what you are doing at every step
  • Access to unique experience and training from the pioneers of the industry

Current courses and trainings

Industrial hemp—opportunities, risks and potential in Brandenburg

Da wir den erheblichen Nutzen des Hanfs im Anbau auf Brandenburger Niedrigertragsstandorten als Vorfrucht, Trockenstabil und Klimarelevant sehen, wollen wir unsere Brandenburger Landwirte für das Thema Hanfanbau sensibilisieren und neue Absatzkanäle aufzeigen/ Diversifikationsstrategien aufzeigen. Nutzhanf…

Industrial hemp—opportunities, risks and potential in Brandenburg

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